Application Migrations & Conversions

Migrations & Conversions

It takes a lot for any business to maintain and manage legacy systems. The challenges are greater if it involves key areas of your operations. Paradigm Infotech offers smooth and efficient Application Migration services to overcome the snags of shifting your applications to a new technology environment.

The process of Application Migration is prone to several challenges. If not handled professionally, it could produce undesired results. The real test is to switchover to the target system with minimum disruptions to the existing business environment.

Why Application Migration?

Re-aligning systems and processes with changing business models is a universal challenge for enterprises worldwide. Ready-to-deploy packages compel organizations to compromise with vendor offerings than meet with their own requirements. Given today’s rapidly evolving technology environment, enterprises should be geared to incorporate business processes way beyond what packaged applications can capture, and also resolve bottlenecks arising from the limitations or cost involved in maintaining legacy systems.

Application Migration helps enterprises:

  • Lower ownership cost of technology with vendor-independent development framework vis-à-vis a packaged solution
  • Achieve increased accuracy and high performance results where enterprise data spans multiple and disparate databases
  • Gain proactive system efficiencies through cost-effective and swift customizations than through costly upgrades or product purchases.
  • Our Methodology:

    Understanding business processes is key to delivering successful Application Migration services. We have a track record of projects involving multiple systems, platforms and vertical domains and our approach to Application Migration has evolved into a practical methodology.

    Contrary to common belief, it is not the parallel running of the target and source systems but the quality and timing of development and transition that makes the Application Migration exercise successful. And, our willingness to invest by way of assessment and prototype will help you validate our strengths.