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Manual Testing

At Paradigm Manual testing starts with careful planning of the test process and test cases. In simple terms, manual testing can be defined as developing and executing tests that rely primarily on direct human interaction throughout the entire test cycle, especially in terms of evaluating correctness and ascertaining test status. Manual testing can include the use of tools to track and monitor the defects.

The following are the steps followed at Paradigm for Manual Testing;

  • Test Analysis
  • Test Planning
  • Test Case Design
  • Test Execution
  • Status Reporting with Pass/Fail
  • Regression test


  • Experienced and qualified test engineers
  • Test leads who bring in rich experience in testing and vast domain knowledge
  • Test facilities completely owned by Paradigm Infotech
  • Testing projects under way delivering very high customer satisfaction
  • Highly developed and specialized testing practices including exploratory testing, coupled with domain specific knowledge.
  • 1000+ man hours of testing experience

Experience of working with the industry leaders in delivering value through our domain knowledge, building blocks, cost advantage and on-schedule project management.