Application Services / Systems Integrations (ASSI)

ParadigmIT under our Technology solutions line of services, provides custom application development and maintenance services to our global clients, applying industry standard delivery models. We build application support teams that work according to the project specific processes and SLAs with clear continuous improvement targets. As implementation partners, we have strong collaborations with some of the IT product companies that provide best-of-the-breed business solutions to their clients in various industry domains.

PNMS solution to become a well-connected PBM

Pharmacy Network Management System is an application designed by ParadigmIT to manage the contracting and credentialing of all pharmacies for our client’s business undertakings. It is an application that is best in class designed to be used internally by Pharmacy Network team and externally by pharmacies to directly update contracts and credentials. The solution will allow for growth, automation, and full network management and future integrations. Salient features of this application include, Credentials, Audits, Plans and Networks, Complaints/Grievances and Corrective action Plan (CAP), Integrations with Claims processing systems and integrate with 3rd Party Credentials validation service providers.


Application Maintenance Services

ParadigmIT client engagement model not only ensures that relevant industry experienced professionals are deployed to handle client defined scope of services but also, helps the clients in improving current processes by bringing in industry best practices. Our embedded teams have been successfully supporting the solutions of our clients in niche areas and continually enhancing those solutions to be abreast with the technological changes.


Systems integrations using TRC solution under Retail domain

Thingworx retail connector (TRC) is a product built by ParadigmIT’s group company in partnership with PTC ©. The main goal of this product is to make FlexPLM exchange/streamline data with wide variety of the systems like other PLMs’, ERP systems, SAP systems. ParadigmIT as an implementation partner for PTC ©, has successfully worked with several clients in Retail/Manufacturing domain to customize/implement TRC to integrate their material/supplier/other product relevant data.

Defined Process​​

Process Defined based on our experience.

Quick Integrations

Materalize the integrations quickly and accurately

Multiple Integrations

Expertise in integrating with external applications like Materials Exchange, Romans CAD


Data extraction service for training AI algorithms

Our well-experienced data extraction team provides high-quality labelled data to our customers who can train their AI algorithms more accurately. Our team follows stringent quality practices ensuring quality standards set by our customers all the while maintaining the throughput requirements.
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